March 14, 2019

Things to know about
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hey everyone! Since Bosnia and Herzegovina is not the most well-known country ever, we decided to tell you some interesting facts about Bosnia.

1. Bosnia has the shortest coastline of all coastal countries in the world.

Besides the city-state Monaco, Bosnia has with about 20 kilometers the shortest coastline in the world. The only Bosnian city, that lays at the Adriatic Sea is called “Neum”. The city has about 5000 citizens and covers around 225 km². Neum seperates Croatia in two parts, but the Croatians are planning to build the “Pelješac”-bridge from one side of Croatia to the other.

2. World War I started in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 28 June 1914 a young serbian nationalist named Gavrilo Princip assassinated the Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie. All of this happened on the Latin Bridge in Bosnias capital city: Sarajevo. This event set off World War I. For people interested in History, a lot of local guides in Sarajevo offer tours, where they lead you to the exact spot, where the assassination happened and tell you all of the spicy facts about it.

3. The name of Bosnia and Herzegovina has something to do with rivers and Archdukes

The name “Bosnia” or better said “Bosona” was first mentioned in a handbook written by Constantine VII between 948 and 952. The name is believed to come from the river “Bosna”, that flows through todays Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The Herzegovina is the southern part of Bosnia and has its name from the German word for Archduke “Herzog”. It is connected to the magnate Stjepan Vukčić Kosača, who was holding the title “Herceg of Hum and the Coast" in 1448.

4. The first trams in Europe were in Sarajevo

Sarajevo had the first full-time operational electric tram line in Europe in 1885. Introduced during the Austro-Hungarian rule, it helped Sarajevo to develop and expand.

5. Bosnia has three official languages and three presidents

The official languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina are Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian. Those three languages are practically the same, the only difference is that Serbian is written in cyrillic.
Bosnia and Herzegovina also has three presidents. A bosnian, a croatian and a serbian one. This is because in Bosnia most people are Muslims, Catholics and orthodox people. But due to bad politics and nationalism only the Muslims consider themselfs as Bosnians, whereas most Catholics see theirselves as Croats and most orthodox people as Serbs.

6. The last remaining jungle in Europe is in Bosnia

“Perućica” is one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe. It is part of the Sutjeska National Park and can only be visited with professional rangers.

7. Bosnia might have pyramids

In the Bosnian town Visoko, about 30 minutes away from Sarajevo, an American-Bosnian archeologist, claims to have discovered 3 pyramids, that are located in a perfect triangle to each other and who have a whole tunnel system beneath them. A team of volunteers from all around the world works there to uncover the pyramids. The progress comes slowly because of almost no budget. Scroll through Google and Youtube, if this is true, world history could change.

8. Winter Olympics in Sarajevo

When we talk about skiing, most people think about countries like Austria or Switzerland. But did you know that Bosnia has a number of amazing skiing areas, as well? Jahorina, Bjelašnica or Vlašić are only few of those. In 1984 Bosnia and Herzegovina was the first socialist country to host the Winter Olympics. You can still see this part of history for example at the bobsleigh track in Sarajevo.

9. Bosnia is the country, that hates its government the most

In 2014 the governmental approval rate in Bosnia and Herzegovina was at 8%. That’s not too much, right?

10. Hajdučka republika is a little self-proclaimed republic in the Herzegovina

It was founded in 2002 as a symbolic protest against Bosnian politics. It has its own flag, currency and constitution. Dealing with politics is fordbidden, because it is not good for human health. This little “republic” has a big amount of ministers. Besides the usual ones, it also has ministries for smile, for protection of men from violent women, non-married men and easy women.